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INTEGROIL Final workshop

On May 21st, ACCIONA Agua invites you at its premises at Avenida de Europa 18 (Madrid) to the event ‘INTEGROIL, FINAL PROJECT RESULTS’.

Likuid will present the CleanOil technology for produced water treatment and reuse in oil&gas extraction and the CBR Series for refinery wastewater treatment.

The event is organised in two sections. The first one is dedicated to technical presentation by Project partners:

  • INTEGROIL at a glance.

  • Adapting individual technologies to the challenge: high variability and complex waters.

  • Technical outcomes of the project.

  • The contribution of the project towards sustainability.

The second section is focused on assessing the necessities of potential INTEGROIL technology end-users as well as the challenges of water treatment in key industrial sectors. To this end, the event will count with the participation of experts from TUPRAS (refinery, Mr. Ömer Çağlar), oil extraction (Isidro Solorzano, PhD), DOW Benelux (petrochemicals, Cornelis Groot, PhD), Grupo Juste (pharmaceuticals, Ignacio Alonso, PhD) among others.


INTEGROIL, with the support of the H2020 Programme for research, development and innovation of the European Commission (GA 688989), is aimed at increasing the percentage of complex industrial waters that are reused, a feature that is usually found in several water-intensive industries, such as the oil&gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and iron&steel ones. 

As a result of the project the INTEGROIL technology has been developed and long-term demonstrated. The integrated solution comprises the following technologies: dissolved air flotation, filtration by ceramic and polymeric membranes, advanced oxidation processes and the addition of environmentally acceptable additives and formulations. The key technology element is a Decision Support System (DSS) based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms (Machine learning) able to implement and operate the most appropriate configuration of individual technologies depending on the quality of the input water, the quality of the reclaimed water needed for a certain reuse application and the processes efficiency criteria.


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INTEGROIL Final workshop